The Amico Alert Series Alarms have been designed to provide your facility with the most accurate and reliable monitoring available.

  • Our New Alert 3 LCD Area Alarm is the first Alarm to integrate a 10” LCD Screen. Plug-n-play sensors are automatically detected and displayed on your highly visible LCDScreen.
  • Alert 3 LCD Area Alarm can monitor up to 8 gases… smallest 8 gas alarm in the industry. Sensors can be installed either locally or remotely.
  • Facilities can also upgrade existing alarms via our simple “Retro-Fit”, with no need to break walls or cut pipes.
  • Digital Compact Area Alarm accommodates 1-12 gases per alarm, while the Amico Master Alarm can provide up to 60 individual points
  • Combine a Valve Box and our Compact Area Alarm with the Amico Alarm Valve Combo… 2 products combined into 1 box.

Contact ARTEC Environmental for more on our medical gas pipeline alarms.