Mold & Bacterial

Services Provided:

  • Complete evaluation of biological growth and airborne dispersion due to water intrusion, high humidity or other causes
  • Air sampling for bioaerosols including the following methods:
  • Andersen sampling for viable fungi and bacteria
  • Zefon Air-O-Cell sampling for total fungi
  • Surface sampling including the use of the following methods:
  • Tape lift using clear cellophane tape
  • RODAC plates to determine viable fungi or bacteria
  • Sterile swab for viable fungi or bacteria
  • Sampling wall cavities of intact walls for fungi using the WallChek technique
  • Sampling carpet dust for total fungi or bacteria
  • Sampling water for total bacteria
  • Measuring moisture in building materials to determine likely areas of biological contamination
  • Providing clearance testing after fungi or bacteria remediation projects