Medical Gas Pipeline Evaluations

No one understands the importance of keeping your piped medical gas system maintained better than ARTEC.
ARTEC, a recognized leader in the field of hazardous gas monitoring, understands the constant wear and tear on your life line system due to corrosion, moisture, pressure stresses, and mechanical damages. ARTEC provides a complete range of services to help keep your piped medical gas system in compliance with federal, state, Accreditation and NFPA 99 Standards for Health Care Facilities. Our Medical Gas Pipeline Evaluation program will evaluate the clinical conditions, equipment performance, configuration and risk assessment of each system.

The purpose of performing a FULL SYSTEM EVALUATION is threefold:

  • Reduce Operational Costs
  • Eliminate Potential Liabilities
  • Improve Compliance Performance

Unlike many firms involved in the performance of “Annual Inspections / Certifications on Existing Medical Gas Systems”, ARTEC Environmental Monitoring approaches these projects from a truly maintenance perspective with the intent of reducing operational costs, containing potential liabilities, and improving compliance performance for the facility. To achieve this purpose, every component of the system, including every available outlet throughout the facility will be tested for flow leakage ( with and without the adapter inserted ), labeling, and general integrity. In addition, appropriate detailed inspection occurs with each alarm panel, zone valve, 24 point inspection of each manifold and a 41 point inspection of each Medical Air System Source.

Inspection & Evaluation – Every System/Every Component

Component Testing Contaminant Sampling
Source Equipment & Manifolds Particulate Testing
Master & Area Alarms Decontamination/Purging
Control Valves Grade “D” Air Production
Gas-Line Purity Analysis System Maintenance Logs
Leakage Appropriate Labeling

Upon completion of a ‘PM’ Inspection of a facility, a professionally bound report is provided which details the existence, placement, and performance results of each component of the system. Included is a summary listing of all the maintenance requirements. This summary enables facilities management to quickly review the issues to be addressed. ARTEC Environmental Monitoring offers the option of providing any necessary direction to the facility contributing to their own repair efforts or we will gladly perform all repairs under a contract arrangement.

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